Anticyclonic gloom persists! But no rain again!

Sunday was cold and dull with the thick, low cloud persistent all day trapped under the high pressure system. The temperature by day rose to just 4.0C, being 3C below average and overnight a minimum of 2.9C being 1.6C above the average.

The monthly rainfall total is just 28.1mm. This is only 31% of the 37-year average or 62.7mm below. With little rain forecast before the end of the month, January 2022 is gong to be one of the driest. However, there were three drier Januarys since records began 1984 with just 9.4mm on 1997.

The gloomy conditions persisted into Monday with thick, low could and very little wind. The breeze has backed a little further and now coming from the east or south south-east. Pressure remans high with a reading of 1033.6mb at 08.00.

The diurnal temperature range over the past twenty-four hours has been unusually limited with a difference of just 2.4C.