Anticyclone persists

With the anticyclone still over or near the UK the fine, dry and sunny weather continues. The thermometer rose to 18.1C, just bleep the Wednesday peak but still 7.6C above the 38-year average.

As on previous nights the clear skies meant the thermometer dropped just below freezing, at 05.15 on Friday, for less than two hours around dawn with a minimum of -0.3C at 06.22 Friday.

By 08.00 on Friday the sun, having been shining brightly since sunrise, lifted the temperature to 4.8C. The centre of the high pressure is forecast to ease eastwards from over the UK to the North Sea. This will still maintain the dry and sunny weather and light winds.

The loss of equivalent rainfall through evaporation from the ground and plant life has been in excess of 2mm daily for the past three days. The monthly rainfall total stands at 42.8mm but evaporation has seen the loss of 30mm of equivalent rainfall.