Anticyclone departs the UK

During Thursday the anticyclone slowly emigrated across the country toward the east but being over the UK gave another calm day with a maximum gust of only 8mph. The wind direction I note as variable. The air mass initially came from the west then from the north, abruptly swinging into the south then back to the north and finally east.

During the 4.7 hours of sunshine the thermometer crept to a peak of 11.7C being 1.7C above the average. During the first part of the night the temperature slowly fell away to reach a minimum of 0.3C at 01.14 on Friday morning. However, the arrival of cloud and fog halted the drop in temperature so that by 08.00 on Friday the thermometer read 3.7C and all signs of the brief, early ground frost had disappeared.

Friday at dawn saw thick fog limiting visibility to 200m but by 08.00, the wind, having been calm most of the night, began to pick up a little and mix up the atmosphere and as a result the visibility increased to 500m. The high pressure is now centred over Germany that has seen the wind direction continue from the east.