Anticyclone brings fine, calm weather from intense pressure

Wednesday gave us the sunniest day since 27th September with 6.2 hours under the influence of an intense high pressure system to the west of the UK. Not only was it sunny but very calm with the maximum movement of air, could not call it a gust, of just 9mph and variable in direction but mainly from the Northwest.

The thermometer on Wednesday edged a little higher than on Tuesday with a maximum of 10.3C being 0,3C above average. The clear skies overnight meant another chilly night with a ground frost as the thermometer dropped away to -0.6C at 04.55 on Wednesday morning.

At first light on Thursday it was misty with no sign of any fog although as the sun rose a bank of fog slowly spread across the area from the east that by 07.45 had limited visibility to 200m. The anticyclone is now centred across the UK with the current pressure reading of 1039.6mb, the peak was 1040.2mb. This was the highest barometric pressure locally since 21st January 2020.