Another sunny day to end the month

The intense anticyclone eased away westwards a little on Tuesday so the wind was a little lighter, still gusting to 23mph and from the North East. The lighter wind and 8.4 hours of sunshine meant a slightly warmer day than the previous four days, but only just, with a maximum of 9.9C, which was 0.5C below the 36-year average.

It was another dry day, the fourteenth in March, with the UV level of 3.9 the highest of the month and at the top end of the ‘Moderate’ category.

Clear skies overnight meant the thermometer fell away steadily t a minimum of 2.8C being 1.2C below the average.

Wednesday saw brilliant sunshine for a short period after dawn but encroaching cloud, from a slow moving weather front edging down from the north, soon brought the bright start to an end as the cloud thickened.