Another sunless day on Tuesday!

Although the barometric pressure continued to rise briskly on Tuesday, it was another gloomy day with drizzle that amounted to just 0.5mm. However, the thermometer did rise above the average (+3.7C) with a maximum of 10.7C.

The sky began to clear late afternoon as the second weather front eased away to the east, that allowed the temperature to drop away producing a sharp air frost that depended further half an hour before sunrise to give a minimum of -1.8C.

Wednesday arrived with just very thin high cloud and the prospect of a few hours of sunshine. The centre of the anticyclone is close by, just off the west coast of the UK, with a reading of 1041.7mb at 08.00. This is the highest since that pressure was recorded on 17th December, however it continues to rise as the centre eases towards central England.