Another sunless day on Monday

Monday was the fourth day in October when the sunshine recorder was not triggered as cloud in the morning steadily built up with rain arriving at 13.15. Another 3.1mm of rainfall brought the monthly total to 124.1mm, which is 38.5mm above the 36-year average.

With rain and no sun it was not surprising to see the thermometer struggle to reach a peak of just 12.1C being 2.5C below average. Likewise the overnight minimum of 4.4C was 2.6C below average.

Tuesday arrived with a mainly cloudy sky, the odd glimpse of brightness was observed around 08.00. It was a very still morning with the anemometers barely moving at 08.00. The barometric pressure has been falling for the past thirty-six hours with a current reading at 08.00 f 1010.3mb, so we are now in a more changeable weather pattern. The centre of the low has been migrating from the Midlands to northern France as a result the wind has been veering from the south west to the west and later this morning expected to return to the northwest.