Another deluge but arrived in the evening

Monday gave us strong sunshine during the morning with a total of 7.9 hours and the UV up to the Very High level, briefly, as advance cloud from the intense depression approaching from the Atlantic obscured the sun early afternoon. The thermometer rose to 21.1C, which was the coolest day this month being 1.6C below average.

The first rain drops from the depression were noted just after 18.15 with the main rain starting half an hour later, heavy at times amounting to 10.1mm. This brought the monthly total to 17.1mm when the average is 59.6mm.

Tuesday was initially cloudy but as the hang back of cloud from the intense depression eased away eastwards the sun came out just before 0715. However, after 0800 cloud began to build allowing only broken sunshine with the thermometer having recovered to 14.4C at 0800, the coolest start to a day this month.