Another change in our weather!

Thursday was cool and mainly cloudy that combined with the light easterly breeze meant a much cooler day than of late as a result saw the thermometer only rise to 21.7C, but that was 1.5C above the average.

Light rain fell just after 19.30 amounting to 0.8mm.

The daily loss of equivalent rainfall through evaporation from ground sources and plant life continues high, over 5mm on Wednesday, with the monthly total now 74mm when the actual rainfall totals 22.7mm

The past night has been very mild with a minimum of 14.0C being 3.9C above the average.

Friday arrived dull and grey with total cloud cover thus no sunshine. A depression close by, just to the west of Scotland, has brought about the change in our weather with the current barometric pressure reading of 1004.9mb at 0800, the lowest pressure since the 8th.