Another above average monthly rainfall

Wednesday initially saw a little brightness and there were glimpses of the sun during the day amounting to 5.5 hours that meant it was a warmer day than the very cold Tuesday but a maximum of 13.4C was still 0.7C below average.

It was a breezy day with the wind predominantly from the southwest and gusting to 24mph at 12.50. This was the strongest gust since 21st April.

A rain band passed through in the late evening, starting at 21.45 and again just after 23.00, which was very heavy and produced another 5.4mm of rainfall. This brought the monthly total to 64.9mm, which is 7mm above the 36-year average. It is the wettest April since 2014 with one day of April showers still to add to the total.

It was another very cool night with the thermometer sinking to 4.9C at 04.25, being just above the average.

Low pressure is now firmly in control as depressions roll in from the Atlantic. The barometer dropped to 993.7mb at 08.00 on Thursday and continues to fall. This is the lowest pressure since 5th March. Thursday saw a little brightness after dawn but thick cloud soon obscured the sun with a light shower soon adding to the monthly total that occurred at 07.50.