An anticyclone at last brings settled weather

The barometric pressure continued to build on Wednesday producing a dry day and 6.6 hours of sunshine. The brisk breeze from the northwest tempered the warmth so that the thermometer tried but did not quite reach the average for May with a maximum of 17.0C (-0.3C). However, this was the warmest day since 23rd April. Now enjoyed two consecutive days without rainfall.

The clear skies overnight saw the temperature tumble to a minimum of 3.1C at 05.12 on Thursday that was 3.8C below the average.

Thursday arrived with glorious sunshine although the conditions were misty at dawn with a fog bank observed to the northeast that evaporated very quickly and cleared by 06.30.

The strong sunshine lifted the temperature to 13.8C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to a morning at that time since 8th October. The current pressure at 08.00 was 1020.1mb, the highest pressure since 2nd May, as the centre of the anticyclone is close by off the coast of Brittany. This relocation will mean the air flow on Thursday will come from the southwest, a much warmer direction than of late.