All change with the air mass

Wednesday was a transition day as the hot, dry Continental Air was replaced by cooler and more moist Atlantic Air during the afternoon as a weather front traversed the area. Sadly, although areas to the west and east of Marlborough had copious quantities of rain just 0.2mm fell from two very brief light showers that barely wetted the ground. The heat built during the morning to reach a maximum of 27.3C at 13.08 before increasing cloud from the advancing weather front arrived. This was the hottest day since 12th August and 7.1C above the 37-year average.

As the weather front travelled northwards the breeze that had been coming principally frost the east veered into the south.

Due to cloud cover and residual warmth in the ground the thermometer did not fall below 12.8C making it the warmest night since 30th October and 2.7C above the average.

Thursday dawned with complete cloud cover and the light breeze coming from the southwest. The humidity at 08.00 registered 85% compared to 66% at the same time on Wednesday as the cooler more moist air became established. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm fell from 18.9C on Wednesday to 17.7C today.