Where did the sun go on Tuesday?

After several gloriously sunny days Tuesday was disappointing as the cloud and moisture from the depression over the Atlantic meant a wet start to the day and light rain in mid-afternoon amounting to 1.3mm. There was some weak sunshine in the early evening. As a result of the cloud the thermometer only rose to 14.3C, but this was still marginally above average although 4C down on the Monday peak.

The cloud overnight meant a very mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 9.6C, which was 5.9C above the average and the warmest night since 31st December.

Wednesday brought bright intervals to start the day that, after the mildest night this month that gave us the warmest start to the day ay 08.00 with a temperature of 11.2C.

A ridge of high pressure has been slowly building with the reading at 08.00 of 1013.9mb, up 10mb at this time on Tuesday.