Warmest day and night this month

Although there was minimal sunshine on Saturday, just 1.9 hours, the air mass from the south meant a warmer day and night. The thermometer rose to a maximum of 12.4C at 12.45 and then fell slowly to a minimum of 7.8 just before dawn. Both of these extremes were above average (+2.0C) and (+2.5C) respectively and each the hugest this month.

The wind from the south was modest during daylight hours but began to increase during the evening as the rain band approached and reached a peak of 37mph at 02.06 Sunday morning.

The rain in the past twenty-four hours triggered the automatic rain gauge just after 01.30 on Sunday morning producing 5.0mm in the 5inch Meteorological Office standard copper rain gauge.

Sunday at dawn saw broken could easing away to the east from the recent weather front followed by much strong sunshine.