Warmer by night than day on Thursday!

The very mild and moist air, brought on a southerly air flow, continued to flood across the country on Thursday that saw the temperature hover around 10.4C all day but climb in the late evening and overnight to reach a maximum of 11.1C, which was 3.1C above the 36-year average. During the morning we enjoyed 2.3 hours of sunshine but increasing cloud arriving around midday, heralded the advance cloud from another weather front coming in from the Atlantic.

Rain arrived just after midnight triggering the automatic rain gauge with a heavy shower at 00.15 then drizzle before dawn brought the daily rainfall total to 2.4C. The wind speed picked up overnight with a maximum gust of 27mph at 03.02.

Friday arrived dark, wet and gloomy with drizzle continuing but the temperature at 08.00 of 10.9C made it the warmest start to a day at that time since 25th November being 8.6C above average. The wind is continuing to increase in speed with a gust of 31mph at 08.33. We are being squeezed between high pressure centred over Italy, rotating clockwise, and a deep depression in the Atlantic, circulating anticlockwise, to the west of the UK.