Warm day on Sunday followed by cold night

The thermometer rose to 18.1C on Sunday, which was 3.6C above average during the 5.9 hours of welcome sunshine. The UV level was 2.6 being classed as Low, not surprising for this time of the year. The breeze was light during daylight hours, peaking at 14mph and from the north.

The clear sky overnight led to a very cold night with a minimum of 4.6C. This was 2.5C below average and the coldest night since 30th May (4.2C).

Monday arrived with thin, wispy cloud and the prospect of more sunshine. The anticyclone has edged closer with a reading of 1032.4mb at 0800, the highest pressure for a month.

The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm has dropped from the high earlier this month of 14.1C to 8.3C due to the cold night.