Very cool night!

The north westerly wind was very gusty on Friday with a maximum of 25mph. The cool Arctic air and strong wind depressed the temperature, although a little higher than the Thursday peak, with 16.9C being 3.2C below average. These conditions brought by the intense depression meandering down the North Sea.

It was another dry day with the UV for much of the day rated ‘High’ but briefly before and after 13.00 rose to ‘Very High’.

The thermometer sank to 5.1C at 04.24 early Saturday morning as the wind dropped out. This was 5C below the 36-year average and the coldest night since 15th May. Shortly after the time the wind slowly began to rise again registering a peak gust of 20mph just before 08.00 and having backed furthering, now from the west.

Saturday saw strong sunshine after dawn but by 07.30 the first evidence of clouds began to drift across the sky heralding the advancing weather front. By 08.00 the thermometer had recovered a little to read 9.6C, making it the coldest start to the day at this time since 16th May.