That was quite a blow on Monday!

The forecast strong winds arrived on Monday, increasing during the morning and afternoon, often well in excess of 30/35mph. The peak gust of 41mph occurred at 19.18. With minimal sunshine of 3 hours and the strong wind it was not surprising that it was a very cool day. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 12.0C at 11.48 then began to fall as the wind increased. This peak temperature was 5.3C below the May average. In fact there was significant wind chill throughout the day and evening. At 21.00 the thermometer read 9.4C but the wind chill meant it felt more like 6.7C outside.

The strong winds were exceptional for May. The previous record for a peak gust in May was 38mph on 5th May 2015.

The rain reached here at 15.45 and continued for several hours producing a total of 6.6mm. At 22.00 the back edge of the weather front edged eastwards, the rain stopped and the wind dramatically fell away.

A minimum of 6.4C was logged overnight being 0.5C below the 37-year average.

Tuesday morning saw brief bright intervals after dawn that soon diminished as cloud built up again. The wind was less strong but still gusting to 29mph.

The barometric pressure dropped to a low of 995.0mb at 02.53 on Tuesday morning as the depression crossed the country in the early hours, the lowest pressure for two months. The centre of the depression is now over the North Sea that means the wind has backed from south-southwest on Monday to north west today.