Temperatures soars again!

Monday saw the thermometer reach a maximum of 30.5C, which was 7.8C above the average and the hottest day since 17th June (31.3C). The breeze was light, just 11mph peak at head height, with the UV level of 7.4 in the Very High category again.

It has been a very mild night, the second highest this month with a low of 14.3C being 2.4C above the average.

Tuesday brought a change to the start of the day with almost total cloud cover although after 08.15 there were brief glimpses of weak sunshine. The thermometer had recovered to 18.4C at 08.00.

With very hot and dry conditions the soil has continued to warm up as a result a temperature of 22.C was recorded at a depth of 5cm at 08.00.