Sunshine and showers – overnight

As Storm Ellen eased away on Saturday the wind slowly subsided, although still blustery with a peak gust of 31mph. The increased sunshine of 7.2 hours meant a slightly warmer day than on Friday with a maximum of 21.4C (+0.4C).

Saturday was a dry day but in the early hours of Sunday, between 01.00 and 02.15, rain fell totalling 1.7mm, briefly quite heavy just before 02.00.

Sunday arrived with total cloud cover but beginning to thin producing brighter intervals at 08.00 after another mild night with a minimum of 13.9C (+2.3C). With the departure of Storm Ellen there has been a consequent variation in the wind direction. Saturday’s breeze was from a predominantly southwest to west-southwest direction whereas on Sunday it had veered a little more now coming from the west but very light in strength.

After the lowest barometric pressure for over two months on Friday the barometer has been rising steadily over the past twenty-four hours to reach the highest pressure in two weeks with a reading of 1016.0mb at 08.00, Sunday.