Sunless day on Saturday

The depression to the north of the UK on Saturday produced a day with total cloud cover and brisk winds from the south west for most of the day. Light showers occurred late afternoon and in the early hours of Saturday amounting to 1.8mm.

As a result of the cloud cover and brisk winds the daytime temperatures were depressed only reaching a maximum of 18.2C being 4.6C below average. The converse occurred overnight as the cloud cover provided a duvet stopping much warmth radiating into the atmosphere that meant a mild night with a minimum of 14.6C, which was 2.8C above average.

After the cold front eased away to the east after 07.30 on Sunday, bright intervals broke through occasional gaps in the cloud cover. The wind started to strengthen again shortly after dawn, veering into the west and producing a wind chill that made it feel a degree cooler than that indicated on the thermometer.

The maximum reached on Sunday is likely to be 4 – 5C below the average due to the cool, strong westerly wind.