Still below average temperatures due to Arctic air

Tuesday was an improvement on the cold Monday as the lighter winds, maximum gust of 12mph, and 10.3 hours of sunshine, lifted the temperature to a peak of 14.9C, which was 2.1C below average.

The wind was initially from the northeast but early afternoon there was a subtle change in direction to a drift from the north.

Thankfully for gardeners there was no frost during the past night as the minimum was 4.0C at 03.21 on Wednesday morning before cloud moved in on the north easterly breeze that was gusty just before readings were taken at 08.00 with a gust of 15mph.

We did not awake to glorious sunshine on Wednesday morning, just brief bursts of brightness through slight breaks in the almost complete cloud cover.

We have now had 9 continuously dry days after the 7.5mm of rainfall that fell on the 1st and 3rd. The equivalent rainfall lost through evaporation currently totals 40mm with the loss of 3 – 4mm per day.