Warmest day for nearly two months

Although there were only 20 minutes of sunshine on Saturday the very mild air from a southerly direction pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 12.2C, being 1.6C above the March average and the warmest day since 23rd January.

Although the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 4.4C at midnight, it was the warmest night for almost three weeks and 2.2C above the 34-year March average. By 08.00 today, the temperature had recovered to 6.9C as cloud and showers moved in during the early hours with most of the light shower activity between 06.30 and 07.30.

The sky is mostly cloudy this morning with only the odd glimpse of weak sunshine.

Sunday update at 15.30: another day with an above average temperature of 11.7C just before midday.

Sunday update at 17.00: rain started 16.00 with intense, short 10 minute downpour at 16.30.