Stormy and wet

With the strong breeze coming from the southwest on Saturday it was a warmer day as the thermometer reach 11.3C at 13.43 in the sunshine, which was 1C above average.

A wet night was to follow with heavy rain falling in the early hours of Sunday, particularly so around 03.45 when the peak rate was 11mm/hour. The daily rainfall total was 8.8mm bringing the monthly total to 45.7m. Just after 02.00 the wind began to veer from the southwest into the northwest, whih surprisingly lifted the temperature by 4C.

Sunday has seen the wind strength from the north west increasing with a peak gust of 37mph at 07.39. Considerable sunshine greeted Sunday morning as the weather front that brought drizzly rain until 07.00, eased away to the east with the thermometer reading 8.3C at 08.00. However, the very strong wind produced a wind chill so that it felt more like 4C.

Update on Sunday at 15.50: peak gust of wind at 10.50 measuring 39mph. Temperature depressed in the strong northwesterly wind with a maximum of 9.3C, being 1C below average, but wind chill made it feel more like 6C. Two very brief showers of small hail were observed at 12.05 and 12.50.