“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” – John Keats

After a dry day on monday, with the ground beginning to dry out, a substantial shower arrived early evening producing 1.4mm of rain. This brings the total for September to 45.4mm.

It was a little warmer by day and night with a maximum of 16.0C, up 1.3C on sunday but still 2.7C below the September average.

Strong sunshine was up a few minutes with 2.65 hours in total.

Overnight cloud meant a milder night wth a minimum of 8.9C, up 1.2C on the sunday minimum and close to the September average being just 0.4C below.

This morning has brought initial sunshine, which was temporarily obscured as banks of mist moved around that are now beginning to dissipate as the sun gains in strength.