Ridge of high pressure hopefully means less rain

Sunshine hours were down again on Monday with 5.1 hours but the limited sun, and UV rated High for an hour, pushed the temperature just above average with a peak of 21.3C (+0.1C).

More rain fell again, especially in the early evening, adding anther 8.1mm to the monthly total that now stands at 43.0mm when the average is 66.9mm.

A clearing sky overnight meant the thermometer fell below average (-0.8C) with a low of 10.9C), which meant fog formed. At dawn on Tuesday a fog bank could be seen to the north of Marlborough with the sun struggling to break through the misty conditions. Just after 0715 brief periods of brightness appeared but no continues sunshine.

A ridge of high pressure has been easing in overnight that should dampen out the shower activity on Tuesday and hopefully give is more sunshine. The barometric pressure at 0800 was 1015.6mb and rising, the highest this month.

A look at the temperature graphs for Spring on this website, as an example, clearly shows what has been happening locally and underlines the commentary in the climate change report that was published yesterday