Rain and more rain on Wednesday

The rain on Wednesday started at 06.05 and continued all day easing off early evening with drizzle and the occasional shower. It has been dry since midnight. The total rainfall during the past twenty-four hours amounted to 15.9mm making it the wettest day since 25th July when 17.7mm was recorded.

Thanks to a south easterly air flow for most of the daylight hours and low cloud, it was a warm day with the thermometer slowly rising to 19.2C at 18.29 and hovering around that peak until midnight when it slowly fell away to 12.4C just after dawn. The peak temperature was 1.8C below the August average. It was the third sunless day in August.

Thursday morning was in direct contrast to Wednesday as we had continuous sunshine after sunrise, muted at first, but the sunshine recorder came alive at 07.16 set at 100w/sq.m. This lifted the thermometer to 16.1C at 08.00.

The barometric pressure, just before and after midnight, fell to its lowest since 5th June with a low of 996.6mb as Storm Ellen, named by Met Eireann, approached from the Atlantic. The peak gust on Wednesday was 26mph, the strongest gust since 5th July, but this is forecast to be superseded on Friday as the storm closes in over Ireland.