Northwesterly air steam was cool on Thursday

The thermometer only reached 11.6C on Thursday as the cool air, brought on a northwesterly breeze, took hold. The maximum was almost 3C below average making it the coolest day since 21st May. However, we did enjoy 6.6 hours of sunshine that out of the breeze felt very warm. t was the twelfth dry day this month.

With clear skies initially overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 3.5C being 3.6C below average making it the coolest night since 23rd June.

Friday after dawn saw a bank of cloud easing away to the east with weak sunshine breaking through just after 0800. The barometric pressure has recovered after storm Aurore left the UK having risen 15mb in the past twenty-four hours with a reading at 0800 of 1020.8mb, the highest for a week as a temporary ridge builds over the UK. The breeze has backed into the west and calmed down so no wind chill today.