Highest UV level for two months

The welcome 5.4 hours of sunshine raised the temperature to a peak of 8.8C. This was lower than previous days due to the increasing wind from Storm Corrie passing to the north of the UK. The peak wind gust of 36mph occurred at 02.31 on Monday morning.

The UV level of 1.0 was the highest since 17th November as the sun slowly gains its strength.

Due to cloud cover overnight the thermometer did not sink below 5.5C at 07.01 on Monday.

We were greeted on Monday with another cloudy start to a day with the wind still blowing strong but beginning to drop in strength as Storm Corrie eases away into the North Sea. At the same time the barometric pressure is beginning to drop with a current reading at 08.00 of 1024.3mb

The notable feature about Monday is that the humidity is at a very low level of 77% when normally in the 90s. The humidity level dropped significantly Just after 23.30 on Sunday night as the wind veered into the northwest.