Five continuous days with rainfall – first since May

Another 7.2mm of precipitation fell on Thursday afternoon during a thunderstorm at 15.30. That brought the monthly total to 35.1mm when the 38-year average is 66.9mm. The September total is now greater than was the combined total for July and August. The five continuous days with rainfall we have just experienced has not occurred since 14th-18th May.

Due to the overcast conditions and thick cloud associated with the storm the maximum of 18.7C was just below the average (-0.2C) making it the first below average maximum since 25th August. The depression brought all the cloud and rainfall as it moved very slowly across the UK that meant the wind veered into the southwest for much of the day.

The overcast conditions overnight meant another mild night when the thermometer did not fall below 14.1C, which was 4.8C above the average.

The diurnal temperature range, the difference between maximum and minimum, was just over 4C compared with a range of 11C earlier in the month.

Friday dawned with the overcast conditions still prevailing but at 08.24, as I write, the sun broke through, if briefly.

The low pressure has begun to move away to the east with the barometric pressure starting to rise with a reading at 08.00 of 1005.5mb, up over 2mb from the low yesterday. As the centre of the low moves slowly away the wind is forecast to veer into the north-northwest or north west today.