First glimpse of sunshine for or a week

After a cloudy morning on Boxing Day weak, very welcome, sunshine broke through just after 14.00 with glimpses of blue sky. The thermometer rose above average (+1.7C) peaking at 9.7C in the predominantly southwesterly air movement in the afternoon.

The thermometer fell slowly in the evening to reach a minimum of 2.9C at 20.05 before making a slow recovery.

Monday arrived, didn’t dawn, with thick, low cloud and rain that began falling at 07.45 as a warm front approached and crossed the area. The centre of the low pressure at 08.00 was off the south coast of Ireland and as it approaches the UK we are seeing a fall in pressure. At 08.00 the barometric pressure was 992.2mb, the lowest since the 7th. The wind direction on Monday will be predominantly from the south, a warm direction, that already has resulted in the thermometer recovering to 8.1C at 08.00.