Cooler on Thursday, especially at night, before the heat builds at the weekend

The thermometer only reached 23.4C on Thursday, which was only 0.7C above the 38-year average. The wind had veered further as the day progressed to come from the north, but light.

It has been a chilly night with the thermometer dropping to 6.7C, being 5.2C below the average, before recovering to 16.8C at 08.00 on Friday under the influence of strong sunshine after dawn.

The equivalent rainfall of over 4mm is now being lost daily to evaporation from the ground and plant life. So far this month 48mm has been lost with just 4.3mm of rainfall on the 2nd, the only wet day this month.

The barometric pressure is beginning to rise as the anticyclone centres over or near the UK. The current pressure at 08.00 was 1025.9mb, the highest since the 10th.