Cool day followed by overnight fog

Monday morning brought pleasant sunshine of 3.4 hours but was not to last as at 14.15 the heavens opened and 6.7mm of rain fell in a short period. The wind was very light all day and so changeable as to be classed as variable.

The thermometer rose to a high just before cloud and then the rain arrived with a peak of 19.9C at 13.15, which was 1.2C below average.

The past night was very cool as the thermometer dropped to 9.7C being 2C below average. This low temperature after the rain caused condensation to form as fog that at dawn limited visibility to 700m. However, by 06.45 it had thickened limiting visibility to 200m.

Tuesday saw the thick fog beginning to thin by 07.50 and by 08.10 had totally disappeared.