Coldest night in two weeks

Initially on Sunday the wind was light and we enjoyed sunshine amounting to 3.7 hours when the thermometer steadily rose to its maximum of 18.0C at 09.57. By mid-morning the cloud began to build and by 11.00 the cloud cover was complete. From this time the thermometer began to slowly drop away for the next 18 hours to reach a minimum of 2.6C at 05.42 on Monday morning. This low was 4.4C below the 36-year average and made it the coldest morning since 18th April.

The wind chill produced by the strong northeasterly wind, was significant during Sunday afternoon and during the night. At 16.00 the thermometer read 7.7C but wind chill meant if felt more like 3C. The wind chill early on Monday morning when the thermometer was at its lowest meant it felt more like -0.2C.

The wind speed slowly built up during Sunday morning as the high pressure to the northwest of Scotland intensified. At the same time the cold front began to sink southwards over this area bringing the cloud and much colder weather. Light drizzle was noted at 17.10 but only briefly. The wind frequently gusted over 30mph after midday with a maximum gust of 35mph at 16.16.

Overnight the wind subsided a little but never dropped out entirely before beginning to increase after dawn on Monday with a gust of 30mph at 08.11.

Monday morning after dawn saw broken cloud driven along on the string winds, still from the northeast, allowing short brief bursts of strong sunshine to break through. A temperature of 6.0C at 08.00 was the lowest since 18th April.