Coldest night in a year

The temperatures have slowly been falling for a week but from the 1st we have had maxima of 12.9C, 11.3C, 9.7C, 6.7C and 5.4C peaking on Wednesday at 12.54. The wind backed a few degrees on Wednesday to come from the northwest. There were very welcome 3.8 hours of strong sunshine, due to a temporary ridge of high pressure, that began to disappear after 13.35 as variable could arrived.

The thermometer began a slow decent during the afternoon and overnight to reach a minimum of -5.4C at 06.13 on Thursday. This was the coldest night since 1st January 2021 when the thermometer dropped to -6.7C.

At 06.20 on Thursday the sky was still clear but thereafter cloud began to drift from the west, which saw the thermometer begin a slow rise to reach -3.6C at 08.00 and -2.6C at 08.30.