Cold front brings 4C drop in temperature

The very warm sunshine on Sunday, totalling 6.7 hours, saw the thermometer rise to 22.1C being 3.4C above average as the drift of warm air from the Azores continued.

The warm air was present overnight with the thermometer not dropping below 15.9C until the arrival of the the cold front. This brought a little rain at 02.00 but the main rain band arrived minutes after 05.00 for 2.5 hours, very heavy at 07.05. The rainfall amounted to 10.7mm bringing the monthly total to 33.7mm. As the back edge of the cold front cleared to the east, bringing clear skies, the thermometer promptly dropped 4C and the wind veered into the west.

Due to the many dry, warm days there has been an equivalent loss of 44mm of rainfall due to evaporation from the ground and plant life.