Another gloomy, wet and sunless day on Wednesday

The mild weather continued on Wednesday with both maximum and minimum again well above average with 8.6C (+1.1C) and 8.0C (6.7C). The cloud cover by day minimised much rise in temperature and thick cloud cover overnight minimised loss of warmth into the atmosphere by providing a duvet.

The occasional shower amounted to 1.7mm bringing the monthly total to 92.2mm being 142% of the 35-year average.

Thursday morning saw the cloud thickening further as another weather front approached with the barometric pressure having fallen for the past twenty-four hours.

Update on Thursday at 15.15: two short lived squalls with strong gusts, peak of 40mph at 12.47, the second at 15.00 with small hail. So far today another 6mm of precipitation.