Another deluge overnight

Monday was dry with 5.3 hours of sunshine and another day with an above average maximum of 15.9C (+1.4C). However, during the evening cloud began to drift in ahead of the next rain band that saw the thermometer rise from 12.0C at 2130 to 13.1C just before 2300. Rain first began to fall at 2305 and during the next two hours amounted to 10.7mm. This brought the monthly total to 39.2mm being almost half the 37-year average for October during the first four days.

The thermometer began to fall away after 0200 as the cloud thinned and cleared to the east. At dawn the hang back of thick cloud from the weather front culd be seen on the eastern horizon. Just before 0730 the sun rose above the cloud and began to shine strongly triggering the sunshine recorder at 0746.