A little brightness broke the gloom on Friday

Although Friday started gloomy, late morning the cloud thinned and lifted to allow a little welcome sunshine to break through for just over half an hour. However, after the previous cool night and the wind in the morning coming from the northeast, the thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of just 2.6C being 4.5C below the January average. The wind subsequently veered into the east and southeast overnight.

The coldest part of the night occurred at 20.04 Friday evening with a minimum of -1.3C before advancing cloud from the next wide rain band saw the thermometer recover to +1.3C at 22.00. The wind strength increased as the weather front arrived with a peak gust of 24mph at 01.46.

Saturday arrived with very low, thick cloud and continuous light rain that overnight amounted to 3.6mm. The temperature at 08.00 read 4.8C. The wind is currently coming from the southwest and quite brisk.