A dry day on Saturday!

Saturday was memorable as it was the first dry day since 28th September due to a transient ridge of high pressure easing in from the west. However, although there was a slight increase in sunshine to 4.3 hours, the brisk wind, initially from the west and then veering a little into the west-northwest later in the day, meant another cool day. The thermometer struggled to reach 13.4C, which was 1.2C below average and almost exactly the peak reached on Friday.

The overnight minimum of 8.1C at 07.06 on Sunday was 1C above average.

Dawn on Sunday saw the sun hidden behind a bank of cloud on the eastern horizon. However, just before 08.00 it began to show itself and by 08.05 was shining strongly giving a glorious start to the day.

The barometric pressure on Sunday is currently at its highest for almost a month with a reading at 08.00 of 1025.4mb. The wind has veered a little more and although lighter than on Saturday is now coming from the north west. This wind direction is due to a depression to the east of the UK with air circulating anticlockwise and a significant high pressure to the west, with a clockwise circulation, bringing down the Arctic air over the UK.