Tuesday was another day with showers and sunny intervals with 5.6 hours of sunshine and rainfall totalling 3.5mm that principally fell between 16.45 and 18.25.

The maximum of 15.8C made it the warmest day this month but still 1.5C below the 37-year average. The minimum of 7.2C was also above average, just (+0.2C).

Wednesday was initially quite cloudy but between 07.30 and 08.00 the cloud began to thin and serious sunken to break through that lifted the temperature at 08.00 to 10.6C.

Due to the almost stationary depression in the eastern Atlantic, just off the coast of Ireland, the wind has been predominantly from the south or south-southwest for four days and continues from that direction today.

The warmer days and nights, also early morning sunshine meant that at 08.00 today the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm had risen to 12.6C not seen since 31st October.