Anticyclonic gloom pervaded Saturday

The dense low cloud on Saturday produced fog from dawn to dusk, only easing slightly during the day. This was, and is again on Sunday, due to a large area of high pressure stretching from mid-Atlantic to Scandinavia. We are under this slack area of weather with little wind to stir up the atmosphere. The strongest gust was just 11mph in the morning on Saturday but for much for the day the anemometer was still or only just rotating.

There was no sunshine logged, the seventh such day in November. The temperature rose just over 1C during daylight hours to reach a peak of 8.8C being 1.2C below average. Overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 5.0C at midnight.

Sunday arrived with the gloomy weather still with us and fog limiting visibility to 300m after dawn and an ambient temperature at 08.00 of 5.9C as the anticyclone intensifies with a current reading of 1025.9mb.