Yet more rain!

The depression that slowly worked its way down the Irish coast this past week and then to the south of the UK is loitering in the vicinity of southern England, now over northern France. This meant a north easterly breeze on Thursday that was cool. We suffered under an arc of thick, low cloud and associated rain that slowly circled anticlockwise over the area all day. The rain all morning combined with no sunshine in the morning, minimal in the afternoon (1.5 hours), meant the thermometer was significantly below average, 4.5C below, with a maximum of only 12.8C.

The rain in the morning, with more that fell after 02.00 on Friday, amounted to 5.4mm bringing the monthly total to 43.8mm when the average was 59.6mm.

A remaining arc of thick, low cloud was still over the area on Friday morning producing light rain. However, the depression that has overstayed its welcome is showing signs of filling and easing away with the result that the barometric pressure is rising. The reading at 08.00 was 1010.6mb being the highest since 7th May.