Winter bites!

There was no sun on Wednesday nor any measurable UV due to the persistent low, thick cloud. Occasional flakes of snow were seen in the morning also drizzle but not measurable. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of 3.4C being 3.7C below the 36-year average.

Late afternoon and into the evening the thermometer slowly fell away, with a slight rise in the early hours, before falling back to read -1.5C at 08.00 on Thursday with thick fog having formed that limited visibility to 200m.

The thermometer continued to fall after 08.00 with a reading of -1.7 at 08.35.

Update at 10.45: thermometer dropped further to -2.1C

Update at 18.35: the thermometer never rose above freezing during daylight hours during Thursday with a maximum of only -1.2C at 15.20 before falling again to read -2.9C at 18.30.