Warmth returns but less sunshine on Thursday.

Although the total hours of sunshine on Thursday were the lowest for over a week, the light winds were from the east with a maximum gust of 13mph, the thermometer steadily rose to a maximum of 19.8C late in the afternoon sunshine at 16.28, which was 5.7C above the average.

There was more cloud after midday that reduced the sunshine hours. Following 10 consecutive dry days there were just a few spots of rain at 15.14 when a very small shower passed overhead, much heavier to the east of this area. There was no measurable quantity so it was recorded as a trace.

The wind dropped out entirely between 20.00 and 23.30 but then slowly began to increase with a gust of 18mph at 07.38 on Friday.

A much warmer night followed due to a little cloud cover with the thermometer not falling below 8.4C, which was 4.4C above the 36-year average.

Friday initially saw some brightness as the sun rose but encroaching cloud from the south minimised its appearance by 08.00.

At 08.00 a wide rain band was shown on the radar approaching from the south, currently nearing Salisbury. It looks as if the dry gardens might get a drink today!

Update on Friday at 20.30: several hours of rainfall totalled 15.4mm by nightfall making it the wettest day in a month.