Warmth returns!

After the very wet and cool day on Tuesday, the sun returned on Wednesday, mainly after mid-day, that produced a warm and pleasant afternoon that saw the thermometer rise to 20.6C, which was 1.7C above at the average. The wind was from the northeast, predominantly, and lighter than previous days.

The change in wind direction is due to the depression having migrated eastwards to Scandinavia, and circulating anticlockwise, brings the wind from a northerly quadrant.

It was a dry day with the UV level of 4.6 at the top end of ‘Moderate’.

The overnight minimum of 10.5C was 1.2C above the average due to persistent cloud cover that minimised loss of warmth into the atmosphere.

Thursday dawned dull and cloudy with no sunshine at 08.00. The wind has backed a few degrees from Wednesday and is now lighter and from the north-northwest or northwest. The barometric pressure has begin to recover with a reading of 1013.0mb at 08.00.