Warmth continues by day but not by night

Sunday began with an hour or so of light rain as the weather band slowly eased away producing another 1.2mm of rainfall. During the many hours of strong sunshine that followed after around 11.00, the thermometer climbed to 17.4C being 2.8C above the average.

It was another dry with the UV level of 3.2 in the Moderate level.

It was a very cool night that saw the temperature fall away to a low of 4.1C at 02.49, which was 3.1C below the average.

There was a little brightness first thing on Monday but increasing cloud soon blocked that out. The thermometer had risen to 6.4C at 08.00 at which time the barometric pressure had risen substantially to a high of 1027.1mb as the centre of the anticyclone passes over southern England.