Warmest day in seven months

At last we had a warm day on Tuesday as the wind from the east was light, a slightly warmer direction than from the north east, and we received 8.1 hours of sunshine. As a result the thermometer rose to a maximum of 18.4C, which was 4.3C above average and the warmest day since 22nd September.

After ten consecutive nights with air frost the thermometer did not fall below zero during the past night. However the minimum of 1.6C was still 2.5C below average.

We have now endured ten consecutive nights with air frosts. I have so far recorded 14 nights in April when an air frost occurred. This is exceptional as the average over the past 37 years is 5.2.

Wednesday saw weak sunshine after dawn as the advance thin, high cloud from an advancing weather front drifted down from the north.