Warmest day in eleven months on Tuesday

Tuesday saw the thermometer soar to 24.7C, which was the warmest day since 26th July 2021 (26.6C) and 4.5C above the 38-year average, under the influence of the anticyclone.

It was another dry day, the tenth this month, with the monthly rainfall still 12.0m when the average is 54.2mm and through evaporation still losing over 3mm of equivalent daily rainfall.

Once again under clear skies the temperature dropped away, last night to a minimum of 5.8C being 4.3C below the average.

Wednesday began with wonderful sunshine that lifted the temperature to 18.8C at 08.00. At that time the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm read 19.1C under the influence of many hours of sunshine and the soil drying out.