Warmest day and warmest night this year

The prolonged sunshine on Tuesday saw the temperature soar to 23.1C being the warmest day this year, equally to 17th May, and 2.9C above the 38-year average.

The UV level of 8.2 was the highest since 8th July 2021 and firmly in the Very High category.

It was also a very warm night with the thermometer not falling below 13.1C making it the warmest night since 15th September (13.4C) and 3.0C above the average.

Although the day was dry, two brief showers occurred overnight triggering the automatic rain gauge at 01.00 and 03.15 but producing only 0.5mm of rainfall.

Wednesday produced sunny spells before 08.00 lifting the temperature to 16.0C.

The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm at 08.00 registered 17.0C making it the warmest the soil has been at that depth since 11th September (17.8C).